Tiny Static Server

Tonight I stayed up way too late with a project I’ve been wanting to do since almost nine months ago when I first stumbled upon Jekyll. I created this statically generated blog on a $9 CHIP, an embedded linux computer, which is currently sitting on my kitchen counter filing cabinet. I had been looking for a new hosting solution for a while, and now I think I’m ready to trade my old low cost VPS hosting for a free solution using microhardware of my own design and control.

Basically, I yanked the CHIP I had been playing with out of my PocketCHIP and flashed it with a fresh install of a headless Debian OS. I connected via serial USB connection at first to install and configure SSH, and get the computer onto my wifi. Once connected via SSH, I installed nginx, vim, rubygems, bundler, jekyll, and used this nifty theme for a quick start.

Now this latest of blogs is live to the world. It is served off of minimalist hardware at almost no cost using a technology I have become increasingly fascinated with. Super-geeky? Yes. Woo-hoo!